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Sunday Notes: Jan 29th, 2017: pray for peace in Iraq and the World

1- Daily Mass at Mar Abraham Church @ 9:00 A.M, Tuesday – Friday.

2- On Mondays: Evening prayer at 6:00pm, Mass at 6:30PM.

3- Monday 6:30-8:00PM is the youth Group at Mar Abraham. Tuesdays 7-8:30PM is the adults bible study, both managed by Fr. Royal, everybody is welcome.

4- Liturgical Calendars are available at church.

5- On Friday FEB.10 at 8:00PM The Church is hosting a “Valentine’s Party” at Imperio Banquet Hall – Glendale. Tickets are available by the parish council (Donation $30 per person, $20 per children 10 years and under, kids under 3 FREE. (At the door, adults $45, children $30).

6- We remind you with the membership contribution $200 a year.

7- Friday February 3rd is the Feast of St. Steven and is the 1st Friday of the month. At 5:00PM we start the Prayers, adoration, confessions. 6:16PM Eucharistic Adoration, at 6:30PM Holy Mass, 7:30 procession, and potluck Dinner. Everybody is welcome, if your attending you may bring a small dish with you to participate with everyone.

8- The Knights of Columbus annual raffle is here, $5 a ticket, get for tickets and the 5th is free. Half of the proceeds will be donated back to our parish.