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Sunday Notes: March 25, 2017

1- Palm Sunday Festival: Procession, after Masses: Food, kids Trampoline & Games ..etc..

2- Easter Mass Schedule: H. Thursday 6:00PM: Good Friday: 6:00PM, H. Saturday: 6:00pm Arabic, 8:00PM English, 10:00Pm Chaldean. Provide us with your newest address to send the Easter Card.

3- Easter –Parish Mission April 7-9: “Our Journey to the Promised Land”:  Three-day event: speaker: Chris Zajdziniski, to focus on issues of life, family, and youth. Flyers are available at the door for more details.

4-Starting this week: Daily Mass @ 9:00 A.M, Monday – Thursday.

5- Fridays of Lent: Mass @ 6:00PM, Stations @ 6:30PM followed dinner Masgouf.

6- Monday 6:30-8:00PM is the youth Group at Mar Abraham. Tuesdays 7-8:30PM is the adults bible study.

7- We remind you with the membership contribution $200 a year.

8- Our Apostolic Administrator is leading a pilgrimage to Holy Land, Fatima, Barcelona, and Lourdes, 19 days for $5,516. (with another week in Italy for additional $1,492).

9- Support the raffling of the (Big 3D silver Last supper portrait) to support the Iraqi Christians.  (It was blessed by the bishop of Phoenix last Friday). With each 10 tickets you get 1 FREE. Ticket donation is $10. Drawing day is when ALL the 2000 tickets are gone. We need your support.

10-If you would like the church to visit & bless your home, give the council your contact information.

11- Summer Mass Schedule at Mar Abraham (starting April 30th): English 9:00AM, Chaldean 10:30AM


Masses & Centers

Mar Abraham Church: 6816 E. Cactus Rd / Scottsdale, AZ 85254 [ / Tel: (480) 905-1545]

(Sat: Mass in Arabic @ 6:30 PM., Sun.: Mass in English 10:00 AM, Chaldean 11:30 A.M.)

Holy Family Mission: 3220 W. Greenway Rd / Phoenix AZ, 85053 (Sun. Mass at 12:30pm)

Holy Cross Mission: 19 W. Bruce Ave / Gilbert, AZ 85233 (Sun. Chaldean Mass at 6:00pm)