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Sunday Notes: Jan. 14th, 2018:


  1. 18-22 is the week of prayer for Christian unity. Let us pray for this intention.
  2. Next Saturday Jan. 20th will have a Mass 11:00 AM at the Maronite church for the occasion of bringing the reliques of St. Charbel to the valley.
  3. We need $500,000 of donations as a short term goal, and $1M as our goal, by March 2018.
  4. We are applying for a $2M Loan from K of C or other banks, pray for this to happen for the income of our parish is limited.
  5. We encourage that each family should participate with $1000 donation for this year. If they can’t afford one payment they can make monthly payments of $100. We thank all the donors and we need more support for all the families.
  6. The new membership dues are $300, try to send them before March 2018.
  7. The Liturgical Calendars are available by the council.
  8. Bautha – Lent of Nineveh will be Jan. 22- Jan. 24. Prayer Schedule: At Mar Abraham: 10AM English Prayers, 11:00AM English Mass, 5:30PM Chaldean Prayers, 6:30PM Chaldean/Arabic Mass; Holy Family 5:30PM Chaldean Prayers, 6:30PM Chaldean/Arabic Mass.

Masses & Centers

Mar Abraham Church: 6816 E. Cactus Rd/ Scottsdale, AZ 85254 [ (480) 905-1545]

(Sat: Mass in Arabic @ 6:30 PM., Sun.: Mass in English 10:00 AM, Chaldean 11:30 A.M.)

Holy Family Mission: 3220 W. Greenway Rd / Phoenix AZ, 85053 (Sun. Mass at 12:30pm)

Holy Cross Mission: 19 W. Bruce Ave / Gilbert, AZ 85233 (Sun. Chaldean Mass at 6:00pm)