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Sunday Notes: Feb. 25th, 2018: pray for peace in the world, and for the new church

  1. We printed out the Pope’s letter for lent; it’s available at the church entrance.
  2. Fridays of lent program at Mar Abraham & Holy family centers: 6:00PM Mass, 6:30PM the Stations. Followed by Masgouf-Fish dinner at Mar Abraham Church.
  3. There are small forms of Family data, please fill it out and give it back so we can update our database system, (address, phone, email…etc.).
  4. We thank all families who are sending their donations for the new church, as of this week we reached $425k. God bless all the donors.
  5. We urge each family to participate with $1,000 donation to help purchase the new church. If you can’t make all at once you may do monthly payments.
  6. We need $600k of donations by end of March 2018 at the closing of Escrow.
  7. The membership dues are $300, try to send them before end of March 2018.
  8. Our bishop Mar Emanuel H. Shaleta will visit our parish in Arizona, between March 16-19th, to follow up with the church updates.
  9. On March 17th we are having a Fundraising dinner, at Ceder’s Hall (Northern & 16 St.) ticket donation $100 per person to support the new church purchase. Tickets are available by the parish council and church Fundraising committee.


Masses & Centers

Mar Abraham Church: 6816 E. Cactus Rd/ Scottsdale, AZ 85254 [ (480) 905-1545]

Mar Abraham (Sat: Mass: Arabic @ 6:30 PM., Sun. Mass: English 10:00 AM, Chaldean 11:30 A.M.)

Holy Family Mission: 3220 W. Greenway Rd / Phoenix AZ, 85053 (Sun. Mass at 12:30pm)

Holy Cross Mission: 19 W. Bruce Ave / Gilbert, AZ 85233 (Sun. Chaldean Mass at 6:00pm)