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Sunday Notes Apr. 8, 2018
1- Parish Festival at st. Thomas Catholic Church on Sunday April 29th.
2- Friday May 11th @ 5.00pm will be the consecration of our new church in Phoenix. 8.00p.m dinner at the hall $50 per person.
3- Sat. May 12 will be the first communion mass at 10am for all our centers in Arizona in the new church of Phoenix
4- Donations for the new church reached $775,000 we thank all the donors. 
5- we encourage each family to donate $1000 for the new church. So far the number of families that participated in the capital campaing reached 400 out of 1000 regosteted families. We need more support.
6- We printed small forms for the monthly committed donations to help paying the montjly mortgage of $10,600 and bout $3,000 utilities. Fill the forms out and give it back to the church. We need 106 families to participate with $100 monthly, or 300 families to participate with $40 monthly. Chose whatever is convenient for you and please be generous.
7- Membership dues for the year is $300 to support the new church.
9- To book the church hall for your family event and occasions please contact the fundraising committee members: Sabri Mansour & Fady Delly.
9- please try to keep the new church always clean. No food, beverages, gum, crackers inside , and no cigarettes, water bottles or napkins outside. And pay careful care at the restrooms also.
10- Don’t leave your children without supervision or unattended during services.